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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  September 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> that might be the best answer i've ever heard to that question. >> translator: members of my own family like any other human being. >> mr. president, thank you for your time. >> translator: god bless you. wish you success. from cnn headquarters this is cnn weekend. we'll tell you who's behind the scandal. two dead and another green-on-blue attack in afghanistan just three days after joint patrols resume. as the number of coalition death rises so do concerns over the stability of the region. a vacuum of nothingness can be measured. how it's led to a groundbreaking
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discovery. -- captions by vitac -- it is sunday, september 30th. good morning, everyone. i'm gary tuchman in for randi kaye. wi start with battle between afghan soldiers and international troops. right now we know at least one coalition worker is dead. a civilian worker is dead as are a number of afghan troops. joining me on the phone is ben farmer, the afghan correspondent for the daily telegram. thanks for joining us and right now do we know how this clash started? >> reporter: no. they're only saying it's a suspected insider attack. the afghan officials have a little more information. they say there was a clash. there was an american soldier,
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afghan and two or three coalition soldiers killed. it happened about an hour's drive southwest from the capital. it's an area where american troops are having a great difficulty securing the main highway in the country. now what caused that clash is not true, but investigators are on the way to the scene and they're trying to find out exactly what caused these deaths. >> now, ben, nato just resumed patrols with afghan. could this lead to another halt with that? >> reporter: well, i think it will be viewed with a lot of concern with coalition headquarters. you're quite right that around two weeks ago general john allen dramatically scaled back the number of operations of the number of americans and coalition forces staged with their afghan partners just to prevent just this sort of attack. those joint partnerships started
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to increase in the last few days, but now they'll have to decide whether -- what action they will take as a result of these deaths. but first they'll have to final out exactly what happened. >> ben farmer from "the "daily telegraph."" we thank you very much for joining us. there have been about 50 of these so-called green-on-blue attacks, a fact that angers the top military commander there. here's what he told "60 minutes." >> you're in a tough spot right now. can you explain why the sudden increase in these attacks? >> i'm mad as hell about them, to be honest with you. we're going to get after this. it reverberates everywhere, across the united states. we're willing to sacrifice a lot for this campaign. wee not willing to be murdered for it. >> at a certain point if these attacks continue americans are going to say that's enough. >> it may be. it may be the voice right now that we're hearing.
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the key point us is for us to understand that the vast ma jart of the afghans -- and you've lived with them. you understand these people -- they're with us on this. they understand right now the severity of this problem and the urgency of what's happening, and there have been afghans killed trying to save our forces when these attacks have been under way because that was the only reaction that they could have taken was to try to save us at the moment of that attack. >> regional coalition commanders in afghanistan have been given the go-ahead for the resumption of some of those patrols. those okays only came after review of their security situations. to politics now and more allegations of voter registration fraud in the sunshine state of florida. the complaints center around a company originally hire by the republican national committee.
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strategic allied counseling did registration drives. the new york times reporting that the suspicious registration forms have now been found in ten florida counties. in colorado, one worker was caught on tape trying to register only mitt romney supporters. take a look. >> hi. >> i am polling people, but would you vote for romney or obama. >> wait. i thought you were registering voters a minute ago. >> okay. >> i am. >> who are you registered? all voters? >> i'm actually trying to register people for a particular party because we're out here in support of romney actually. >> and who's paying you for this? >> oh -- let me see. we're working for the county clerk's office. >> okay. you cannot come out here and register one party, lady. are you working for the county clerk's office? i've got it all on tape. you're working on the county
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clerk's office? >> i believe so yes. >> you're only registering romney's people? >> we're trying to. >> and you're working for the county's office? what's your name. >> she said she was working for the county clerk's office but the county clerk said that's not true. he also said my office will not engage in partisan voter renl station, although he asked asking a preferential question before registering is not illegal now, cnn has not been able to confirm that, so what is the national republican committee saying about strategic actions? first of all, the party fired the company. this from ryan mahoney. we have zero tolerance. we have therefore cut ties with strategic allied consultants and urged the state parties to do the same. others followed suit and fired
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strategic. strategic allied consults is now being investigated by law enforcement. it's quite a story. it's actually going be a little quiet for the next few days on the campaign trail. that's because they have something else to work on. here's senior political editor paul steinhauser. >> reporter: hey, good morning, gary. it's pretty obvious. one event will definitely dominate the white house. >> i'm looking forward to the debates r the first comes on wednesday night when they face off in denver. both candidates have a lot on the line, especially the gop challenger who a few days ago gave some insight into his debate preps. >> it's great to have senator rob portman. you know, he debates me now from time to time. he's playing barack obama in these mock debates we have. i don't like him very much anymore, all right? he keeps on beating me up and i keep going away shaking my head. >> reporter: he flies to
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colorado on monday night, hun r hunkering down while making final preparations. then he goes to nevada and then goes behind closed doors before debate day. meanwhile both presidential campaigns play the expectations games, trying to lower the bar for their candidates. gary? >> paul, thank you very much. next hour we'll take a closer look at the art of the debate and the strategy of the dodge. we'll show you how dodging important questions can actually earn candidates points with voters. and a programming note, the first presidential debate of 2012 is this wednesday night. watch it live, 7:00 p.m. eastern on cnn and tomorrow morning the u.s. supreme court justices will formally kick off a new term. on the agenda, some of the toughest and most controversial issues of our day. here's joe johns with more. >> reporter: right after the supreme court health care's
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decision in june, chief justice john roberts joked to colleagues that he would find an island fortress to escape the heat. here's how ruth termed the spring. >> it's been taxing. some have called it the term of the century. >> reporter: now three months later the court is back and there's no sign of it cooling down. >> the justices are moving right into the fire. they're tackling some of the most legal questions of the day. across the board probably the most biggest term in at least a decade. >> reporter: same-sex marriage, voting rights, and abortion are all likely to come up this term which kicks off monday. >> there are some very exciting cases already on the docket and there's a lot more in the pipeline that the court's going to be making a decision on soon. >> reporter: another set of big decisions will bring more scrutiny on the chiefs justice.
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rulings that the health care program he offered caused a rift between anton and scalia. >> no, i did not have a falling out with justice roberts. >> loud words exchanged? slamming of doors? >> no? >> no, no. >> nothing like that? >> nothing like that. >> liberals fear a more hard line, dogmatic shift to the right. >> a lot of progressives are concerned that this might mean that chief justice roberts has built up some capital, some good will, and will now push the conservative agenda. >> reporter: tom goldstein who has argued before the court thinks roberts wants a more conservative court but h that he'll do it gradually. >> he's not trying to move the law radically quickly. i think justice scalia and thomas want to get to the end as quickly as possible and make the law conform to what they really
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understand, whereas the chief justice is more incrementalist. >> reporter: but conservative court watcher doesn't believe that will change any time soon. >> certainly this is not a crusading conservative court until we have a shift in the membership of the court it's impossible to call it a court that leans more to the left or the right. >> reporter: for opinions that would be close, opinions will be paid attention to by justice anthony kennedy who's the swing vote. protests and bloodshed dominate international news. austerity measures continue to bring aim and outrage. we'll take you to madrid and the latest in protests over spap's latest plan for budget cuts there. in syria, the death toll and devastation continues to mount as fighting rages block by block in the country's biggest cities. we'll have the latest. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future.
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typhoon jelawat continues to roar in the far east. more than 50 people have been hurt. hundreds of thousands of homes without power on japan's islands of okinawa. the storm is comparable to a category 3 hurricane. we have report this morning of two opposition leaders killed in venezuela. the pair was stopped in a western state saturday. when they exited their vehicle, gunmen opened fire. opposition party candidates will
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face prison hugo chavez in elections one week from today. protesters battled with riot police in spain saturday night. the austerity measures were imposed to help spain secure loans and reduce debt. unemployment in the nation is close to 25%. today iraq, a series of bombings has left at least 16 people dead. the majority of the blasts occurring in and around the city of baghdad. five explosions there and a car bombing at a check point that killed three iraqi police officers. to syria now where rebel and government forces are fighting it out block by block. opposition liters say at least 21 people were killed across the nation in fighting yesterday. that's what it looked and sounded like on the streetses o aleppo. it's just one of the cultural and civilian landmarks being
6:17 am
destroyed in civil war. i-tv's bill sealy has more. >> reporter: in one city this would be bad enough. in three, it's a disaster, but this is now the reality in the three main cities of syria. the ragings, troops fighting rebels for control of whole districts. aleppo is syria's biggest city and business capital engulfed now in the business of war. the damage is extraordinary. the death toll incal cue label. aleppo is being destroyed to make it safe. syrian troops are on the offensive in the country's third city, homs. recapturing many areas from what they say are foreign fighters and extremist muslims. rebels they say directly armed by arab states.
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in one district they took, they showed us what they said was an abandoned rebel headquarters. bags with saudi arabian markings scattered around, a makeshift scaffold with ropes and a meat hook was there. they said rebels tortured and hanged people here. we have no way of proving this. the u.n. mostly accuses the regime of mass torture but says rebels are guilty of human rights abuse too. no one is safe, no faith is spared. christian churches and muslim mosques, a battleground. but one man is an optinift, the new governor of homs, syria's third city. these rebels, he says, will be beaten, and we'll win the war in homs in one month.
6:19 am
>> one month. that seems very optimistic. >> one month he insists, but britain and america should stop supporting terrorists. they are his master's words. throughout the interview, explosions echo across the city. explosions, too, in syria's capital city, one at a military base. bombs smuggled inside and detonated by rebels. here, too, troops crack down on restive areas. one city, two wars, tens of thousands dead, and at united nations, complete failure to stop it. itv news, homs. google maps takes a dive, but it's not a bad thing. we'll tell you about the new
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a flight to australia from anywhere in the u.s. can cost y you thousands of dollar, but now google is giving you a chance to see it for free. taking its street view off the road and under water. editorial producer nadia bilchik
6:24 am
has been getting her feet wet so to speak with google's latest offering. nadia, what's this all about? >> well, it's fascinating. this is a scientific project that's dedicated to really exploring reefs around the world, and what they've done is taken this extraordinary camera that gives you these panoramic views. now the camera is based on a shock. so it's got the motion, the mobility, and the speed of a shock. so it's as if you're actually maneuvering or swimming through the water. >> why do this. >> the idea is the greatness and awareness. millions go to the reefs but you say you haven't gone. now you can go without getting wet. >> i don't mind getting wet. i'd like to go to australia one day. have you? >> i have not been to australia, but if i did, this would definitely be one of my destinations. you can see 30 species of whale, six speak years of turtle and
6:25 am
2,500 sharks and stingray. and i did want to tell you this. you can meet a dudong. >> what is a dudong? >> have you ever met a dudong? >> is it a shrimp on a barbie? >> it's a marine mammal that looks similar to an elephant. the whole idea of take these panoramic views, right now you can go to australia, hawaii, and the philippines. but each time they're doing this they'll bring you more parts of the reef. there's so much to explore. you literally feel you're there. >> the anticipation is google will d doing more of this type of thing. >> in the future they hope to go
6:26 am
to the bermuda, the triangle. right now it's australia, hawaii, and the philippines. but state-of-the-art camera. that's what's so extraordinary. this model of a camera on a shark. >> let's go do a google trip and then go to australia some time. nadia bilchik, thank you very much. we now gnot with google but live -- not live but on tape to minnesota where i've been following an unbelievable story. a sixth grade teacher resigned over a racist remark and the people want to know why he's still collecting a paycheck. ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity...
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special welcome to the troops watching on american forces network. i'm gary tuchman in for randi kaye. it's 29 minutes past the hour. take a look at this. a huge chunk of bridge came crashing down barely missing crews yesterday. one official said they didn't plan on the chunk falling on the 405, but it's not out of the ordinary in this type of project. nobody was hurt. it's the final day of the ryder cup and team usa is hoping to retain the trophy. u.s. dominated day two over europe. they'll be trying their best to grab the win today. you can follow it live by going to c and click on the world sports tab. a man is sitting in jail charged with the murder of a florida student.
6:31 am
bravo made his first appearance in court regarding avila's appearance. you might not have heard this next story but it's within one that's been unfolding for several months. sixth grade teacher timothy olmsted charged with racist comments. it's the middle of the school day and the sixth day teacher is ridinge ing ing a motorcycle. the reason he's not in school is complex. 12-year-old alicia jones was one of his students. >> he separated me from the white kids and sent me to the other side of the room where all the black kids were. >> timothy olmsted is accused by students and their family of taking black students and segregating them from white children. melissa dobbs was also a student
6:32 am
in the class. >> so what did you think when he put you and the other black children in the back of the room. >> like i wasn't smart enough or i'm not good enough for me to be with the other children, the other white children. >> the children say at first they were afraid to tell their parents and grand parents but they ultimately did as they said they were repeatedly called stupid, sloppy, and disgusting. >> why do you think he was so mean to you? >> because he was black because we were black and he was white. >> jennifer couture was a substitute teacher that subbed one day when he was out. she figured she might be punished for speaking to us but she backs up what the children
6:33 am
told us. >> when you took over, were the black students segregated? >> yes. >> as well as the special ed students. >> the children, the parents and other teachers say the bizarre behavior lasted for months. final after continued complaints olmsted was placed on leave this past january and then two months later he resigned. get this, he's still being paid. he's owed back sick pay. all of this has caused great deal of anger. the three children we talked with and the relatives have filed a lawsuit against olmsted and the saint paul schools because they knew about it and did nothing. we promptly investigated. we responded appropriately, and we intend to vigorously defend the lawsuit. but the parents disagree.
6:34 am
>> they'd rather sweep it under the rug rather than deal with it. >> and then there is this. documents that indicate that olmsted was reprimanded back in 2011 for sexually offensive behavior toward a female co-worker at a holiday party and in 2003 he was suspended for making sexual references against schoolchildren. the former superintendent stated for now discernible appropriate instructional reason and you digressed to describe some of your experiences of life on a farm and gave the class a graphic description of cass straighting horses and throwing their testicles into the fields for cats to eat. he was welcomed year after year without ever tell parents a thing. we wanted to see what olmsted
6:35 am
had to say. he happened to be talking to a cop when we came up. mr. olmsted, my name is gary tuchman from cnn. i want to ask you about what happened in the courtroom. >> i have no comments. >> there are allegations that you separated black children from the rest of the children in 2011. >> no comment. >> in 2003. >> no comment. >> did you do it or not. just be honest. >> no comment. >> why are you still collecting a paycheck? >> no comment. >> should they be paying your paycheck. >> why won't you talk, just answer that. >> i won't comment from on that. >> we asked for a comment on fr. his attorney. his lawyer declared he has never discriminated against any student. plaintiff's allegations against mr. olmsted are false and mr. olmsted is confident he'll be completely vindicated by the true facts. what those true facts might be remain a mystery tochl the chirp
6:36 am
though, what happened is all quite obvious. >> did he make you feel like you were not as important as the white kids in the class? >> children who are still dealing with the emotional ramifications. >> we'll continue to follow this story as it makes its way through the minnesota court system. if you've been to the grocery store lately, you may have noticed meat prices have gone up. next we'll tell you why pork and beef prices in particular are rising and costing you more. these fellas used capital one venture miles
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we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. general motors is recalling more than 40,000 cars because the fuel pump could break, cause a fuel leak and possibly catch fire. we're talking about five models mane between 2007 and 2009, chevy cobalt ee quinn knox, the pontiac torrez, the saturn ion. they'll notify owners and the dealership will replace the parts for free as they should. ed on your next trip to the supermarket you should brace yours because the prices are going up. nobody's happy about it. cnn's athena jones has the reasons why. >> reporter: meat has pride of
6:41 am
place at jamie's butcher shop in washington. >> what can i get for you, my friend? >> reporter: ham, pa stromy, stak steak, it's all here. >> we're a meat-eating country number matter what, people are going to finding a way to get meat. >> reporter: with prices of pork and beef expected to rise. this long-time meat man says people are going to have to pay more or get used to new cuts. >> what happened in the last increase is people went to leading a lot of primals to new york strips to new york strips, they went to secondary cuts. >> reporter: the coming sticker shock will impact not just butchers but restaurants and dinner tables across the country. the worst drought in decades means higher prices for animal feed and water. this farm in maryland has had to raise prices to keep up. julie gray steiner runs a small farm near the west virginia
6:42 am
border where she raises hens, hogs, and cattle. a third of her costs go to animal feed. prices for chicken and pig feed has skyrocketed. >> it was 1477 on july and now 16.79. so it's gone up by $2 in two months. >> that's a significant amount. >> the pig pallet was 12.22 and now it's 15.06. >> so it's going get worse. >> it's going to cost a lot more. >> she's now charging more and plans to switch from corn-based feed to sorghum. >> it's requiring creativity. >> since she doesn't raise broiler chickens, the kind you eat, she's hoping to avoid the worst of the spike feed and unlike most of the american farmers, she grass feeds her cattle means she won't have to
6:43 am
worry about grain prices for them. back in washington. his customers are worth it. one tongue-in-cheek solution to the problem? >> more tofu. >> reporter: then, again, tofu is made of soy. black holes may be featured in holes like star trek, but now we're going to tell you more about them thiefrmt some of the most destructive and mysterious monsters in the universe. we will journey to the center of one after this. the ones who inspire us, the ones who make us laugh, the ones with the strong shoulder to lean on, the ones we're named after, and the ones named after us. it takes all kinds of good to make a family. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going.
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cool segment. we're going to be talking about black holes. you've probably seen them in popular sci-fi movies like "star trek," right? they're hard to find but hidden in space they're all over the universe. most galaxies, even our milky way, are full of black holes, and for the first time scientists have measured what's called the event horizon. i think of it as the point of no return for, well, everything. if you cross it, you will get sucked into an infinitely dense point in space. cause moll gist joins us now. he's an author of "a universe from nothing." lawrence, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> it's good to be back. >> let's start out with what is exactly a black hole and how are they created? >> black holes is a creative name but basically they're a
6:48 am
dense object. if i add a little bit more mass, another tea spoon full of mass, you'll have to travel a little faster to the earth, a little bit more, a little bit faster and eventually if there's enough mass you'll have to travel the speed of light to leave earth. since nothing can travel faster than the speed of life. you're suck. as you shoot a laser beam up, it will go up and come back down. black hole is something where the escape velocity is greater than the speed of light and what goes in doesn't come back out. >> lawrence, how massive are they and how small can they be? >> that's the interesting thing about black holes. it's actually remarkable. they can be any size depending on their density. when i was a high school student i learned a fact that just amazes me and i want to tell you. the smaller the black hole, the denser it has to be.
6:49 am
so say something the size of the sun, if it collapsed to the size of lauren where i am right now, the entire mass collapsed to the size of london where a teaspoon would way a million tons or so, that would be a black hole. the average density of stuff if you piled it up together to be a black hole would only be the density of water because there's a lot more stuff there. and the neat thing is if you took our entire universe and asked what would its depsty have to be so we would be living inside a dense hole the density would only have to be twice. we could be living inside of a black hole. >> you learned all this stuff at m.i.t., right, lawrence? >> yes. >> okay. that's very impressive. so giant stars turned into black holes. what about 93 million miles away, our own sun? >> a last note. what happens, our sun is too small. it will basically just burn out
6:50 am
with a women per rather than a bang. when stars burn out they clachlts some collapse into a supernova. in one second the core of a star, the size of the earth, collapses to something the size of management in one second and forms one giant atomic nucleus, and that's so stiff that it bounces back and the star explodes. but if the star is still bigger, something like ten times the size of our sun, it's so massive that it doesn't stop anation. it's strong enough to counter even nuclear forces and the whole thing we high pocket size anyway will collapse into a black hole, and there are larger objects. at the core of every galaxy weekend see super mass holes and actually we don't yet know how they form. that's one of the reasons why we want to build the telescope and
6:51 am
look at the earliest galaxies to see which came first like the chicken or the egg. >> do we have any idea roughly how many black holes there are? >> no, not really except when we look at galaxies and there are a hundred billion or so, we tend to see large black holes at their centers. there are probably a lot of others that we can't see. of course, you can't see a black hole directly. the way you see a black hole is seeing stuff fall into it because, of course, the black hole doesn't shiechblt but when stuff falls into black holes they emit a lot of energy because they lose a lot of energy coming in. as a matter of fact a lot of the objects in the june verse, quasars, they have black holes in the center. they're really among the most observab observable.
6:52 am
he's an author, lawrence krause. i can't say i understand it. either way, lawrence krause, thanks for joining us today. we appreciate it. >> all right. it's always a pleasure. now to politics. a republican party caught in the scandal. a company hired by the go president obama may have illegally been registering voters. making up phony names. in next hour we'll tell you what else one of the workers is accused of doing. [ giggling ]
6:53 am
[ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] ♪
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britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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in afghanistan, most of the girls have no voice. they are used as property of a family. the picture is very grim. my name is r za ia jan, and i'm a founder of a girl's school. when we opened in 1998, 90% of them could not write their name. today a hundred% can read and write. lived in the u.s. for over 38 years but i was really affected by 9/11 and i really wanted to prove that muslims are not terrorists. i came back here in 2002. girls have been the most
6:57 am
oppressed, and i thought i have to do something. it was a struggle in the beginning. i would sit with these men and i would tell them, don't marry them when they're 14 years old. they want to learn. after five years now, the men, they're proud of their girls when they themselves can write their name. we have to take precautions. some people are so much against girls getting educated, we provide free education to over 350 girls. i think it's like a fire. it will grow. every year my hope becomes more. i think i can see the future. the top ten cnn hero
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honorees have been chosen. you have vote ten time as guy. go to c and vote early and often. now it's tyke to get you ready for the week ahead. this is our handy dandy calendar. we start with monday. monday, there you go -- actually, there grow. we'll click that. there you go. well, it's not -- that's what's going to happen on monday. i'm not always good at technological things. the supreme court meeting for the first time since the health care ruling. this year they could hear some complicated cases like affirmative action, voting rights, and same-sex marriage. on tuesday -- there you go -- that's not on tuesday. let me tell you. on tuesday, voting starts. a big night on wednesday. now i'll go to wednesday and now it will pop up. trust me, it's not our
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technological wizard's fault. it's my fault for having big hands. president obama and mitt romney will face off in denver. we'll have leave coverage on cnn. friday -- this should work. now i'm getting good at it. the september jobs report will be released. this could be a critical talking point. this report and one report next month, the last two reports to come out before the insofar election. we thank you very much for starting your morning with us. we've got much more ahead on "cnn sunday morning," which starts right now. the circle of voter fraud widening. at least ten counties are involved. we'll tell you who's behind the scandal. two dead in another green-on-blue attack in afghanistan. as the number of coalition death rises so are others concerned with the stability of the


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